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Breakfast in Warsaw

A hotel breakfast is rarely enjoyable, and certainly not if you look at the price/performance ratio. Therefore I have got into the habit of walking a few steps to try my luck in a bakery. That’s not at all easy in Warsaw since most bakeries simply don’t offer breakfast at all, nor have they yet discovered any other offer of catering and out-of-house consumption as an income source. You will have more of a chance in traditional confectioners like „Blikle“ on Nowy Świat Street or in the numerous bistros like the Vincent, which operates branches in both the Ulica Chmielna and Nowy Świat Street. The product range has a strong French influence, and a Bongard oven on the spot promises at least freshness – which actually materialized in my case. Otherwise Warsaw is also overflowing with the franchise brands that are found everywhere, such as Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Illy, Café Nero, Mc.D., Hard-Rock-Café, Vapiano etc., on the lines of the Buxtehude hedgehog’s motto: „I’m already there“.


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