Gin bakery in London

Gin-&-tonic drinkers know Fentimans as an up-market brand of tonic. Fentimans’ Gin Bakery in London, a joint venture by the cake baker Pearl & Groove that was also joined by Sophie Faldo, winner of the Great British Bake-Off 2017, opened on 21 September – although only as a pop-up store for just three days.

Gin-&-tonic-flavored cakes were on offer, and of course gin+tonic to drink as well. Cakes were available in flavors such as Pink Grapefruit Tonic with Plymouth Gin and candied grapefruit pieces, Rhubarb Tonic and Bloom Gin with strawberries, or Pink Lemonade and Hendricks Gin with rose petals and lavender leaves. Schwarzwald Gin Monkey 47 was also present as a flavoring, in this case with herbs and candied limes. Fentimans has put a series of recipes on its web site: for all those who missed out on visiting this culinary event in London.

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