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Joseph for the third time but needing development

Obkirchergasse 37 – 39 in the Austrian capital’s 19th district is home to the third location of “Joseph, Brot vom Pheinsten” (Joseph, the finest bread). Josef Weghaupt, who likes to present himself as the Enfant Terrible of the Viennese bakery sector, has again chosen one of the “better” quarters of the Danube metropolis for his performance. His first baker’s shop under the name “Joseph, Brot vom Pheinsten” in Naglergasse in the city center was followed in late 2013 by a bistro with a bakery and patisserie on Landstrasser Hauptstrasse in the 3rd district. So now we see the third shop in Obkirchergasse, although at the lower end where strolling latte macchiato mums are rather rare.

Logically Joseph also limits himself here to selling baked products, jams, chocolates and other optional products. The quality management doesn’t succeed quite so well. The baguettes, Pheinspitz and handmade rolls are really not fully baked, and taste correspondingly doughy. Obviously the dough pieces are delivered fully made up from the production works, and are not proofed and baked until they reach the shop. A glaring need for training is evident here. Prices are rather towards the upper end for Vienna, which is normal for Joseph. Only the handmade bread rolls cost less than 90 Cent which, if they were good, could almost be described as value for money. However, why he charges as much as EUR 3.90 for scheiterhaufen (bread & apple pudding) – which judging by its recipe is residue recycling anyway – God knows, or perhaps Josef, who must surely be close to him.

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