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Streetfood and food trucks

It can safely be said that streetfood is a global trend and part of the townscape even outside of the big cities. The origins of streetfood probably lie in the cookshops of Asia, although as a general rule streetfood in the developed countries is not cheap. Food trucks are the mobile form of streetfood and are widespread, because production in front of customers needs a certain amount of equipment and raw materials. That’s why this kind of fast food has little resemblance to conventional chip and kebab stalls. The decisive factor for the small meals that are usually offered at markets or so-called streetfood festivals is the quality and freshness of the ingredients and their preparation, which reaches gourmet quality in some places. The range of foods on offer is wide. Gourmet burgers with and without meat are nearly always included, and the same can be said for tacos, burritos and other Mexican specialties. Asian, Arabic and sometimes even African cuisine can often be found. Because streetfood is appreciated mainly by young people, a selection of vegetarian or vegan options is also available for almost all of the specialties on offer, and there are even entirely vegetarian food trucks as well as waffles, cupcakes and other sweet alternatives. Regular streetfood markets now take place in some towns in the summer months.

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